About Me


I'm Alia, a nineteen year old book-junkie living in the tropical country called the Philippines. Aside from being a book aficionado, I'm also under the influence of manga, anime, comics, movies, video games, and t.v. series. Those are pretty much the stuff that I continuously indulge myself in for the past years.

I'm in my third year of college, currently taking Marketing Management. Second semester just started a few days ago, and I can already feel the tons of work waiting for me. I'm also a writer for our college publication, and I'm really, really happy to be part of it.

When I'm not reading or studying, I'm writing. I'm an aspiring writer, and I've always dreamed of getting my works published. Writing is a very long process, including getting the ideas I have in my mind onto the pages, which is not an easy feat. For now, I'm putting myself up for a writing challenge, which is to write everyday. 

It would be lovely to have a nice chat with other bookworms. Let's talk, rant, and fangirl all about our favorite novels/characters. 

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