Mar 7, 2015

Barreling my way into March

Deadlines. Case Studies. Homework. Quizzes. Preliminary Examination. 

That's how I see what my March will be (based on my planner).

Hopefully, my (not yet) efficient time management, together with my planner and bullet journal, will help go through this month. accomplishing task one after another (on time, I might add), and get some reading done along the way.

My plate's already full even though we're just barely a week in (our prelims exam was held this week). Here's a quick rundown of the events that I'm excited for:

March 7 - Open Mic: The Hugot Night 2

I'm finally going to a slam poetry event! 

March 19 - Insurgent

March 22 - E. Lockhart Book Tour
    I'm planning to read We Were Liars this month so that I can go to her book signing. One of the things that I truly enjoy on events like this is the fact that I get to see my lovely book-a-holic friends. 

Moreover, I finished reading Cynthia Hand's The Last Time We Say Goodbye a few days ago because I don't want to study for the exam. There's a lot of crying on  my part. I think I've been crying all throughout the novel. Nope. I definitely cried the moment I started reading it until the end. 

However, for my monthly reading challenge, I've decided not to set specific books that I will read for each category. It's because I kind of choose the books based on my mood, and sometimes, the books that I chose are still not available here. Anyway, here's a list of my monthly reading challenge:

2015 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge: Genre-rumble
The book that I must read for this challenge is a novel under a genre that I haven't read before, or one that I'm not familiar with. I might go with steam punk or one of my dad's novels (I want to get my hands on what my Dad's currently reading, which is about Kublai Khan) for this one. Any book recommendations for steam punk?

2015 Read Harder Challenge: A book that was someone else has recommended for you
I think I may have the right book for this one, and I've been dying to read it because a story about a world where some people prefer the virtual reality is a perfect read for me.

What are your reading plans for this month?
What are your most anticipated March book release?

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