Feb 1, 2015

What January has in store for me...

Quite a handful, I think.

I blasted off the start of 2015 by finishing Sandman by Neil Gaiman, which made me all mopey because it was that sad. After a few days of slugging around the house, I finally set off on a hunt of tracking down its spin-off series, a completely different one, and it tells the story of Lucifer Morningstar, yes the fallen angel, after he left hell. How awesome is that?

This is also the month my phone got broken, the very reason why I'm not that much posting pictures in various social media accounts, because my phone happens to be my camera. 

I also turned nineteen this month! And I celebrated it by hunting down a copy of All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I did got a copy, but after a few more days. Aside from celebrating my day with my family, I also splurge my birthday money on some books. No surprise over there.

first book haul (bought, borrowed and received) of the month! 

As much as I wanted to stay home and read all day, our Second Semester also started a few weeks ago, and I'm already bombarded with a lot of uni stuff that kept me busy and away from reading. 

Another reason why I've been waiting for this year: MICHELLE HODKIN'S BOOK TOUR. I finally got to meet and see in person the genius person behind the Mara Dyer Trilogy. There's a lot of stuff that she talked about during her three-day book tour here in Manila, and I'm so glad I was able to attend the first and last day of her book tour. More of it in my upcoming post about her book tour here, so tune in for that.

I also went on another crazy book haul while in Fully Booked BGC right after the Q & A portion of Michelle's first day of book tour. 

I also got a glimpse of Pope Francis during his visit in UST, and I could say it was pretty damn worth it of getting drenched in the rain and having to sleep sitting on the ground while waiting for him.

I haven't been blogging that much for the past few weeks due to the work I've been receiving, and there were times I don't feel like blogging. On the bright side, I was able to share the books that I wish I've read in 2014 through Top Ten Tuesday, as well as the books I'm looking forward for this year in Waiting on Wednesday. 

Out of the three books in my January TBR, I was only able to read All the Bright Places. However, I finally read the first book in the Harry Potter Series, and I already started with Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secret. Moreover, it's great to have checked off some tasks in my 2015 Reading Challenges. 

My January TBR

January was great and a stressful month for me, but I've definitely improving when it comes to time management, and hopefully it would stick. I also discovered a great study community in tumblr called as studyblr, which is the source of my inspiration in studying, as well as lawblr. I'm anticipating for another round of a busy month, but I know I will be able to sneak off some reading, and maybe it's time for me to invest for audiobooks.

How's your 2015 so far? 

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