Feb 23, 2015

Change is good

Hi guys! It's been a while since I wrote a book-related post! Even more, a book review! But today, I have a major announcement in store for you (and for myself).

No, I'm not going to quit on blogging. I'm actually happy that I pushed myself to go through this, because it served as a medium for me to share my love for books. 

After months of decision making, a series of heartbreaks (not really, just one, but let's not go over there), a haircut, and a required project for one of the courses I'm taking, I've finally made my decision. 

Aside from writing posts about books, I'm also going to post other stuff that's about the other half of my life. It may be about my study habits, events and random stuff I can come up with. 

So yeah, that's it!

Thank you and happy reading, everyone!

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