Nov 30, 2014

Event Recap: Marie Lu in Manila!

This is probably the craziest book signing that I've attended so far. There were at least 795+ attendees, and the very first reader/fan got at the venue at around nine thirty o'clock in the morning, on the day before the event! It's really crazy!

(c) National Bookstore

Last Sunday, November 23, National Bookstore held a book signing for Marie Lu, the author behind the Legend trilogy and The Young Elites. The shouts and screams from the crowd was deafening, and there was even this one instance where the people standing from the back began push themselves forward in order to be in the group photo op with Marie Lu!

(c) National Bookstore

Some fun facts that I've gathered during the Q&A portion:
  • Filipinos are close to Marie Lu's heart because she's married to one!
  • She said that it's quite different when it comes to writing the point of view of Day and Adelina, because Day walks the light, whereas Adelina treads the darkness.
  • She is more like Day than June.
(c) Eriele Japsay of This Is Not Your Book Blog 
w/ Eriele who cosplayed as June Iparis!
  • It was easier for Marie Lu to write in Day's POV because he's been in her head since high school.
  • She did a lot of research when it comes to writing June's POV. There was even this instance wherein she had to read the history of paper clips just to write a line about it in Prodigy.
  • Marie Lu's love for video games is evident in her writing. The Skiz fight in the Legend trilogy was inspired by the fighting game Street Fighter.

  • There were times when she stops writing Adelina's point of view because it's too dark inside her mind that Marie Lu has to tell herself, "No, stop. I shouldn't think like that!"
I was still reeling over the feels in Champion and in The Young Elites, and I really like both trilogies, so you can say that waiting for like, five hours, was totally worth it!

My signed books!

More photos from the book signing!

Red streaks on our hair for Day! (Cla, Jera, Eriele, Charm and Me!)

Niaowie, Me, Eriele and Cla
(c) Niaowie

Thank you National Bookstore for bringing Marie Lu here in the Philippines!

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