Oct 5, 2014

Jenn and Lissa in Manila!

Last September 20, Jennifer E. Smith and Lissa Price held their first book signing here in the Philippines!

I love attending book signings, and it's also one of the highlights every month for me, because not only I get the chance to meet the authors of the books that I've love and invested on so much, I also get to see my lovely Peculiar Family.

And yes, creating banners became a routine for us every time there's a book signing. During the past book signings, we even got some of our banners signed too!

The event started at exactly two in the afternoon, and the crowd went wild with loud cheers as Jennifer and Lissa walked to the stage. The two authors shared some of their experiences in Cebu, and then the Q&A portion, wherein they shared how they got the ideas for their novels.They also gave tips for the aspiring writers out in the crowd.

During the Q&A, Lissa was asked whom she like the best among the male characters in her duology, sharing that she like Hyden the best because of his personality. I actually went a little bit crazy when she mentioned about the banner that I'm holding that says 'Team Old Man a.k.a. Hyden' and said that it was classy.

Signing Time!

While waiting for my chance to get my books signed, I was really happy to see that Jennifer and Lissa really took their time to talk to the readers even when they're finished signing their books. It was really lovely to witness that because as a reader, it's one of the moments in our lives that we will surely cherished.

The words 'prim' and 'quite' and 'lady-like' were some of the few words that popped up into my mind when Jennifer stepped into the stage. I was also surprised when I heard her speak, because she's a soft-spoken gal! 

The lovely Jennifer E. Smith greeted me with a 'how are you?' before signing my books. Grabbing the chance to talk to her, I asked her for some tips when it comes to writing, especially on what to do when you already know what will happen in the beginning and at the end of the book, but doesn't have any idea on what to write for the middle. She suggested that I should go and write the ending, so as not to forget it, because as I go along, I will be able to figure it out how to write the middle portion of the story. She even compared it to eating the dessert first before the main course of the meal! 

I brought the cardboard/banner with the 'Team Old Man a.k.a. Hyden' written on it, and Lissa immediately recognized it (after they finally settled down for the Q&A portion, Lissa noticed and pointed at it, which made me really squealed), she also said something about it being a spoiler. I also asked her for writing advice and she told me that I should not just stick to just one genre, because in the publishing industry, a writer must be versatile.

More photos with the Peculiar Family...

The mandatory family picture

Chillin' while waiting for our turn!

Thank you National Bookstore for organizing this wonderful event! More book signings to come!

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