Sep 5, 2014

Books + Sale = BOOK HAUL

Welcome to my first book haul post for the month of August! Most of the books are on 20%, and the others at a nerve-wrecking 50% off! Without further ado, here's the books that I bought!

Fangirl will always be my favorite Rainbow Rowell novel. Even if it was set in a 3rd point of view, I instantly felt this connection with Cath. Both of us were fanfiction writers (though I'm not famous like her), and avid readers. Cath is one of those protagonists whom I really can relate to, and that what makes me love this novel even more. 

I got this book last August 7, during the Rurouni Kenshin Press Conference. Shout out to my fandom mommy, Joan for buying this book to me on bookdepository, and to Ate Kae for getting this from the post office!

There's only two copies left of this baby when I visited our local store the day before Alex London's book signing. I bought my copy there because it's 20% off! I finished the first novel, Proxy, a few days before the book signing, and it was really good! I can't wait to start with this one and see where will Syd take me next! Oh, and Alex London was so friendly and so adorable!! (You can check out my book signing recap here.)

After months of waiting, I finally bought them! Thanks to the 50% discount. I've read Delirium and Pandemonium ages ago, as well as Hana. Since it's been a while, and what happened in those two books were pretty much hazy in my brain, I'm planning to read them again during our Christmas Break. I haven't read Requiem yet, and I've heard some mixed reactions about the last book in the trilogy. I remembered that the first thing I did when Requiem was released was that, I checked the last few pages and searched for Adam and Lena. I wanted to see if they end up together, because I'm a Lena x Alex shipper. 

I'm still two books away from this one, but I've decided to buy it because I got it for a dollar, and it's in hardbound. I'm collecting Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series, and this is the 7th book that I bought for my collection (it's hard to find the first few books in the series, which consist most of my favorite novels in the series).

Why did I bought this book even if I haven't read the first novel in the series? Is it because I got it with a 50% discount? Or maybe I heard some wonderful news that made me bought this book? Anyway, I planned on adding the series on my TBR List: Christmas Break Edition (wow, I just came up with that name). My friends love the series, but what are your thoughts about it? 

So there goes my Book Haul for this week! Have you read some of the books that I bought? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below! Happy reading, everyone!

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