Sep 1, 2014

Alex London in PH

August 30, 2014 - the day wherein I relaxed and had fun two days before our exams. Moreover, that's the day when I met Alex London, author of Proxy and Guardian

Two months ago, a friend of mine told me that Alex London will be the author for the month of August. I don't know Alex London back then. I searched for his books in Goodreads, and that's when I've decided that I should read his books. So during Jenny Han's book signing, I grabbed a copy of Proxy, which I really have no idea what it is about other than the fact that it is sci-fi and dystopian. Fast forward to the week of Alex's book signing, I was able to read Proxy during the holiday. It was a great read, and the last part of the novel made me cry. I realized one thing while reading Proxy: it could happen to us in 50 years or so (well, the technology part, not the proxy-patron relationship).

I wasn't able be on time and be at the first part of the signing, which is the interview the author part (I heard that Alex winked at the audience that made both girls and boys go crazy!).

Credits to Charm for this video! 

Anyway, by the time I arrived at the venue (thanks to Apollo for getting my books registered) it was already my turn to get my books signed. 

When someone captured the moment wherein
the author is looking at you adoringly.... 

Hair! Why?!

We stayed until Alex London finished signing the books, that's why I got the chance to have another picture with him.

and then there's this one:


Aww! Alex looks so happy here when we gave
him our 'Peculiar Family' sign as a remembrance 
of his fandom here!

Those two pictures were taken when NBS told us that it's okay to have a group picture together with Alex. And then we decided to give the sign board to Alex. But after a while, he returned it to us with a message:

I actually saw him signed this! #PeculiarxProxy

And of course, my beautiful signed books! <3

Thank you National Book Store for having this book signing event!
Oh, and if you're reading this Mr. Alex London, I hope that you got back there safe and sound! Thank you so much! The Peculiar Family will surely miss you, so you have to return, okay? 

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