Jul 16, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday | Top 10 Favorite Movies or TV Shows

Welcome to my latest post for Top Ten Tuesday, which is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I know that it's already Wednesday (5:06 AM, to be exact) here in the Philippines, but in the other countries, it's still Tuesday. Anyhow, I'm very excited to share my Top 10 Favorite Movies or TV Shows! So, here it is!

TV Shows

This is one of the tv series that I've watched for the whole summer. I am fascinated by vampires, that's why I just can't to miss this cult classic vampire tv series. 

I've been following Nick ever since the first episode was aired on 2011. I love the twist in the story, wherein the creatures in the stories written by the Grimm brothers were actually true, and as a descendant of guardians known as "Grimms", Nick's job to save the humanity from other cruel creatures called Wesen.

Leverage is LOVE. It's funny, witty, and fascinating cons. My favorite character is Parker, an amazing thief who suffers from kleptomania. I haven't finished the whole series yet because I just don't want to end it. Thanks to my dad for telling me this tv show.

This twisted fairy tale is mind-boggling. The twists and turns and betrayals will absolutely clenched your heart. I also remember bawling my eyes out a lot of times. And let's not forget the handsome men in Storybrooke, Maine *coughs*Captain Hook*coughs*

Stunning cast, heart-wrenching plots, and hot men everywhere. I've caught up to the latest season, and damn, the ending was so emotional that I couldn't stop producing my tears. 


I love the trilogy. I love the easy conversations, even though they've just met, between Jesse and Celine as they walked around Vienna. It's the movie that I definitely won't get tired of watching.

My favorite zombie-apocalypse movie franchise. I've played the games and read the novels too. I can't choose which one is my favorite among the movies, so I'm choosing all of them.

This is a Norwegian action film that my dad told me to watch. It was good, and I love movies with thieves as the main characters. So yeah, this is totally my kind of movie.

I love everything about The Little Mermaid. In this one, Ariel got the happy ending that she's always wanted (unlike in the Grimm's fairy tale, wherein the little mermaid sacrificed herself because of true love). Moreover,  Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess. 

Tom Cruise? Brad Pitt? Anyone? 

I have a lot of favorite tv series so it's hard for me to decide which one to put in this list, same goes with the movies. Anyway, I hope you had fun reading this post, and please do share your thoughts in the comment section about my picks! 

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