Jul 23, 2014

Book Review | Guarding Angel by S.L. Saboviec

Guarding Angel
Author: S.L. Saboviec
Publication Date: May 19, 2014
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I received a digital copy from the author in exchange of an honest review.

Guardian angel Enael is trying to keep her human Wards on track in order to ascend as a Keeper, and spend the eternity in the Archives. But she’s always struggling in keeping her Wards safe, as she can’t seem to have a strong connection to them. That is, until she met Kaspen, a fellow guardian. Ever since then, Enael felt a strong pull that ultimately leads her to the strong arms of the charismatic and handsome Kaspen, even though at first, her past prevented her to do so.

But Yasva, Kaspen’s former lover and a fallen angel, is on the path of taking control over the human world, at the same time, she’s determined to get Kaspen back. It’s now up to Enael to save the world— and to save Kaspen from himself.

The ‘angels-versus-demons’ theme is not unusual when it comes to novels that involves these heavenly beings, but that’s where the similarity stops between Guarding Angel and the other novels. What makes it apart is its intriguing plot and interesting world-building around the angels, humans, and demons.

The story is told in Enael’s perspective, and her diverse and compelling character, her thoughts when it comes to humans and how she desperately wants to save them and even though she fails, she won’t stop doing her best, is one of the reasons why I got hooked. Moreover, the notion of angels as gender-less and how they will read the Book of Life for recreation, in order to feel what the humans felt and experienced, was fascinating, a characteristic that I haven’t found yet in other ‘angel’ novels. The relationship between Enael and Kaspen took its time, decades even, to take its form. Also, the passage of time was effortlessly smooth, and the readers wouldn't probably notice that it’s been years since the beginning of the novel’s setting.

Moreover, the real-life history and angel lore, such as the hierarchy of angels, was intricately woven into a meticulously, well-thought plot that will blown the readers away as the unpredictable happens. The dramatic twists and turns will grip the reader’s beating heart as they go through the pages of the novel. Moreover, the symbols used in different religions were a perfect fit on how it all relates to one entity: the Source. Though I wasn't hooked at the first few pages and there’s a dragging part here and there, it still left me wanting more.

For an indie novel, Guarding Angel should be added on your tbr list. It's a refreshing read for those who want to take a quick adventure between heaven and hell. The ending was simple and lovely, and with the next novel just around the corner, I couldn't wait to get engrossed yet again in the world of Enael.  

About the Author

Samantha grew up in a small town in Iowa but now lives in the suburbs of Toronto with her Canadian husband and expatriate cat. In her spare time, she reads, writes, and thinks about reading and writing—along with playing the occasional video game or eight.

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