Jul 13, 2014

Event Recap | Stephanie Perkins in Manila

On July 6, National Bookstore held a book signing event for Stephanie Perkins, the author of Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door, and Isla and the Happily Ever After.

I arrived at the venue around 9 o'clock, and the line was already long! Thanks to my friend, Anette (Anette the Wicked) for letting my books join hers. A few minutes before the registration started, a black car passed by us and Stephanie Perkins waved to the crowd! As usual the registration started at ten o'clock, and thanks to Godwin (Machinations of my Muddled Mind), we were able to sit at the front.

Here are some pictures with my awesome fandom family known as the Peculiar Family!

And then the lady that we've been waiting for finally arrived!

(c) National Bookstore
Stephanie Perkins talked about being a librarian, and how they're a great researchers, before becoming a full-time author. She shared that Anna and the French Kiss was conceived when she joined NaNoWriMo, and that it started when she dreamed of Paris and a handsome guy. She also told the story of how she met Jarrod, her husband, and that he was the one who dragged her around so that she could finish her debut novel. Moreover, she also shared that Jarrod was her inspiration for Etienne, Cricket, and Josh.   

Jarrod took Armi's Cricket Banner and
she won't stop fangirling about it when
it was over.
And yes, he was just in front of us!
Real life OTP!!
Jarrod is the Cricket of Stephanie's Lola.

I got to talk to Stephanie a little bit longer because I have five books needed to be signed. And since I was trying to cosplay Isla, which I failed to do so because I don't have red hair, I asked Stephanie if Isla would wear this kind of outfit, and she said that Isla would totally wear it because it's her style. She also asked me what time I got there and I told her around 9, and then Stephanie told me that it's so nice that I can come, to which I replied "It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I just have to," and then she said that it was same for her. 
Stephanie is sweet and kind and so energetic! And the books that she signed
were all personalized! 
Just like what happened during the book signing in Cebu, Jarrod was mobbed by the readers to get him signed their books. In the end, the organizers got another table for Jarrod! The line was longer than Stephanie's, but thanks to Luigi, who was four people away from getting his eco bag signed, he told me to take his place and that I could just get his bag signed for him. 

Here goes my conversation with Jarrod:

Me: Do you know Etienne's height?
Jarrod: Sure I do.
Me: Can you tell me?
Jarrod: Would  you read the next book?
Me: Yes! 
Jarrod: Then you'll find it out there.
Me: Will you write a message from Etienne? Like, 'Wait for your Etienne?' or something like that?
Jarrod: *Stands up suddenly, nod, sat down, and wrote his message*

And this is what he wrote:

Which means that Etienne is taller than me. *fangirls*

Eriele as Lola Nolan and Apolo as Cricket Bell

Thanks to my awesome Peculiar Family, you guys are the best! And to National Bookstore for bringing Stephanie Perkins here in the Philippines! 

Photo credits: National Bookstore, Mommy Jo, Eriele, and Charm

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