Jun 17, 2014

Book Review | We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

We'll Always Have Summer
Author: Jenny Han
Publication Date: April 26, 2011
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing

Belly and Jeremiah have been dating for almost two years. Two years since Conrad told Belly to go with his brother. Belly is now in college, the same one that Jeremiah's attending. And when Belly thought everything was going better, a secret that Jeremiah has been keeping for months finally reached Belly's ears, tearing their relationship apart. With Conrad finally back in their lives, Belly found herself reminiscing their moments together. Belly has to choose whom she wants to be with: her current love, Jeremiah, the boy whom she sees her present and future with, or Conrad, her first love?

We'll Always Have This Summer is told in Belly's and Conrad's point of views, which is good because we will get to know more of what's going on inside Conrad's head. However, during this point, I'm no longer that interested on who Belly will end up with. I just want to know what will happen to the characters by the end of the trilogy.

Belly drove me crazy sometime because she can't see how selfish she can be. I didn't really see her character grow up, and even though she's in love with Jeremiah, she's still dealing with the lingering feelings that she has for Conrad. She gets into a fight with Jeremiah, and after a while, he asked forgiveness by proposing to her, in which Belly said 'yes'. It's totally a crazy idea because they're still in college, and they don't even wan to wait until graduation because what matters to them was that they're in love with each other. 

Moreover, Laurel has grown to me slowly as the series progresses, especially when she gave her daughter a piece of her mind regarding their marriage, telling her that it was a 'ridiculous idea'. 

What I love about this book were the chapters dedicated to Conrad and his thoughts. He still loves Belly, no doubt about that, and even though he's against the marriage of Belly and Jeremiah, he has his reasons why, just like Laurel. However, it's quite unfortunate that there's not enough chapters for Conrad to express himself. Moreover, Conrad makes his move to let Belly know his true feelings for her, before everything is too late.

The concluding novel in the Summer trilogy will take you to a road trip of feels, from annoyance to having butterflies in your stomach. 

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