Jun 1, 2014

Book Review | Of Triton (The Syrena Legacy #2) by Anna Banks

Of Triton 

Author: Anna Banks
Series: The Syrena Legacy #2
Published: May 28, 2013
Publisher: Feiwell and Friends

Now that Emma's secret is out, revealing that she's the lost princess of the Poseidon kingdom, Galen and Toraf set off back to their kingdom in order to let Grom know of the very important information that will forever change the relationship between the two Syrena kingdom. But Nalia was determined to get away from her own kind, even if it means knocking her own daughter out of consciousness. With her secret finally out, Emma is ever determined to know more about the hidden past of her mother, and most importantly, the relationship of her parents.

Emma found herself in a situation where the stake is just too high and the decision she needs to make is just too hard. Even so, she managed to survive the first part of their dilemma, and Emma handled the situation quite well than you would've expected. Moreover, Emma isn't afraid of being discovered by the Syrena, if it means saving her mom and Galen's.

Personally, I think that Of Triton is a good book to end The Syrena Legacy, since Anna Banks tied up the loose threads in this sequel, and I really have no idea what would be the deal in the third installment in the series. Still, I can't wait to see what Banks has store in for us in the last book.

Of Triton sets the boundary higher than the first book. It's a fast paced story with much more intense read and a tsunami of feels would crush over you as the love intensifies among the three pairs of lovers in the book. Just like in the first novel which is told in Emma and Galen's perspective, Of Triton is a thrilling and serious sequel that will decide the fate of Emma and the Royal Families of the two Syrena kingdoms. Secrets will be revealed, truth will make its way out, and friendship will be lost amidst the ocean.

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