Jun 10, 2014

ARC Review || Love Like The Movies by Victoria Van Tiem

Love Like The Movies

Author: Victoria Van Tiem
Published Date: June 19, 2014
Publisher: Pan Macmillian
Format: E-book

I was given a copy from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Kensington - "Kenz" for most people - is a movie enthusiast and a creative director at one of the advertising agency in her city. Besides having the work that she loves, she's also happily engaged to Bradley, the young man who took her family's heart. Everything was going well until Bradley told her that the agency was having financial problems that could lead to lay-off some employees, and the only way to save her job is to snag the deal with the Carriage House, owned by Shane Bennett, the man from Kenzi's past. And the only way to get the deal? Well, Kenzi has to reenact ten scenes from ten different rom-com movies with Shane, without letting anyone know the condition that has transpired between the two of them.

Love Like The Movies will certainly light you up. Kenz is a 29 year-old creative director who pursue her passion in arts instead of following the footsteps of her father, who is a doctor. Because of this, it took a toll on her relationship with her parents, in which she cannot please them enough. It made her competitive towards Ren, her sister-in-law, and that Kenzi's mother is more fond of Ren than her. This struggle in Kenz's life is what the readers can relate to. We always want to make our parents be proud of us, and when it doesn't happens, we feel this emptiness inside us. But despite the continuous feeling of rejection, it just made Kenz stronger.

It's pretty much obvious from the start whom will Kenz end up with, but it's the events leading up to the end are what will surprise you. Love Like The Movies at first might seem like your typical romantic story with a cliche plot, let's say your ex-boyfriend returned to your life again, but the surprises towards the end definitely added more flavor to the story. 

Moreover, we get to see a lot of Shane, but less of Bradley. Bradley is sweet and lovable, the type of boyfriend that Kenz's parents would love to meet. Kenz really loves Bradley, but sometimes, I cannot feel the sparks between the two of them. Whereas Shane, Kenz's boyfriend for almost four years before she broke up with him, will surely charm his way into your heart even though he didn't have that much dialogue. In addition, Kenz reminiscing about their previous relation helps us to get to know him better.

The fun would be doubled if only I've watched the movies referenced in the novel. Though the ending was overly done, it's still a nice read.

Love Like The Movies is a cute, romantic story with light humor and corny, but sweet comebacks, perfect for those who loves contemporary romance and fans of rom-com movies. 

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