Apr 27, 2014

Super Six Sunday | Super 6 Books That Made You Laugh!

Hello guys!

Here's my second installment for Super Six Sunday! 

Super Six Sunday is hosted at Bewitched Bookworms.

Super 6 Books That Made You Laugh!

While searching the appropriate books for today's theme, I had a hard time on choosing the those books because I realized that most of what I've read have a humor, but just a tad bit. Anyway, Here's my list of the few books that really made me laugh out loud (while reading it alone).

Hands down to Nick Gautier. Infinity is the spin-off series of the Dark-Hunter series, that's why I'm really glad that Nick finally got his own series! You just have to expect that whatever retorts comes out of Nick's mouth would really make you laugh. He's that hilarious.

Bliss Edwards really did make an impression to me. The hilarious side of the novel totally cracked me up, especially the part where Bliss and Garrick almost did the... deed. 

Georgina's gang will surely did made me laugh because of their antics. This is probably the series that I would probably read for the 3rd time.

I love Rose and her come backs. She's one of the heroines that never failed to make me laugh. There's a balance of drama and comedy in Vampire Academy.

I always get a kick from Kenyon's novels, no matter how cliche the scene is. So, Night Pleasures is the first book in the Dark-Hunter universe. Well, Nick is also here and together with Kyrian, their witty and hilarious comebacks are unstoppable.

I'm ending this list with the sequel of Infinity, the second book in the Chronicles of Nick. You can pretty much say that I really enjoyed the CoN because this is the second one on the list. The whole series will crack you up. Seriously. 

There goes my list of books that made me laugh. It's really fun compiling this list because I remembered those times when I'm reading them. Do you have your own list? Comment them in and I'll check them out! 

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