Apr 2, 2014

Becca Fitzpatrick in Manila

 I was fortunate to attend the book signing event held last Saturday, March 29, by National Book Store for the New York Times bestselling author of the Hush, Hush Saga, Becca Fitzpatrick. The Book Signing involves the inspiration of the series, as well as some shocking revelations about the characters that made the readers squeal in delight. Moreover, Fitzpatrick tells us more about her upcoming book, Black Ice, which will be released on October 2014.
Becca sat in front of us!!

During the Q&A portion, Fitzpatrick revealed that the Hush, Hush Saga wasn't supposed to be a paranormal series. She shared that when she started writing the first book, Patch was just an ordinary being exuding a bad boy charm. She also revealed that she based him on her high school classmate, which earned a deafening scream from the readers. Moreover, she told the readers that Hush, Hush was supposed to be a standalone book, and not a series.
One of the most shocking scenes in the book was when Scott Parnell died in Finale, which made some readers upset upon reading the book. When asked if she planned the death of Scott from the start, Becca answered that she did plan Scott’s death and it’s also the way of fulfilling the oath he made to Nora at the beginning of Finale, which made the crowd goes ‘awww’.
Three readers were given the opportunity to throw questions and one of them asked, “Who the hell is Gavin?” who was present at the epilogue, and the guy Vee was marrying. Becca said it was a way of showing that Vee had moved on about what happened to Scott and to their relationship. Moreover, Becca Fitzpatrick said that she’ll be writing a story about what will happen now to Patch and Nora, seeing that Nora was still an unsworn Nephilim.
It's all because of our wings. (c) National Book Store

                Being the 702 attendee requires a lot of patience while waiting for my turn for the book signing, but lucky enough, most of the members of my Peculiar Family were there too! And I just want to welcome the new members of our growing family!!~
Few hours earlier before the event.
Eriele and I planned on attending the event donned with Angel’s wings.
We're actually waiting for the Bloggers' Forum to end.
We're pretty much excited to see Becca
When it was my turn to get my books signed, Becca complimented me on my wings and said something along the lines of “awesome.” She also gave me a high-five as seen in the photo.
1! 2! 3! 4! High five! (c) Godwin

Since I haven't finished the last book yet, I am enamored to Dante.
 I still don't know what he did by the end of the book because my friends
called him a douche bag among other derogatory terms. 
My signed copies! I actually both Silence and Finale on the day
of the book signing. 

Here are the products while waiting for our turn during the book signing:

Made my wings from scratch! The time I spent on making it was worth it!
There's a lot more of these from where pictures came from. (c) Eriele
The children of the Peculiar Family
We miss you, Jayvee!

 And lastly, a Peculiar Family picture!
From left to right (back): Eriele, Me, Joana and Jas.
Left to Right(the Peculiars seating on le chair): Apollo, Rayne, Mommy Joan and Godwin

Thank you very much National Book Store for hosting this book signing event! This is the third time for the year 2014!~ More book signings to come! 

Photo credits: Eriele and Me

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