Mar 4, 2014

Mitch Albom Book Signing Event

I went to Mitch Albom’s Book Signing Event organized by National Bookstore last February 22. I didn’t get any books signed by Mitch because, I haven’t read any of his works yet. (That is why I’m gonna start reading his works this summer~ YAY!)

The real reason why I attended the signing event was because my Peculiar Family will be there! Of course, they got their books signed by Mitch Albom~

*photo credits to Me, Mommy Joan and Joanna

                                                                 The “Banner Girls”

Joanna and I met up with the rest of the members of the Peculiar Family to have dinner at KFC.



Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without our adorable pictures (of Me & Jayvee of Misfits).



There’s a lot of people who went to the book signing event and I can’t even imagine Mitch Albom signing all those books. When I arrived at Glorietta, they’re calling around 400+, and by the time we’re done eating dinner, there were still people waiting for their books to get signed (they’re calling around 1400+). So we decided to hang out at the National Bookstore for a while, and went back to the Activity Center at around quarter to nine and guess what? There’s still people waiting for their books to get signed.


Anyway, here’s a picture of Mitch taking a picture using the phone of one of the fans. Isn’t he adorable?



We separate ways around nine, and there were still people waiting, and I admire them because, of course you will do anything, even to wait for hours, just to get your book signed by one of your favorite authors and to personally interact with him. So, to all those bookworms who stayed up late in the mall, I salute you!



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