Feb 15, 2014

Book Signing Event | Gayle Forman

Last January 18, 2014, Gayle Forman came here to the Philippines to have a book signing, organized by National Bookstore. I arrived at National Bookstore Glorietta around 2:30 in the afternoon, even though the book signing will start at 4 pm. Fortunately, I met Eriele, David Levithan PH’s owner, the night before and voila! instant companion for the book signing!

(photo credits to me and Eriele)

Gayle Forman shared her inspirations for the books that she wrote, as well as her experiences on how she started her writing career. Through the experiences and the things that she shared with us, she inspired me to pursue my dreams of being a writer/novelist (someday, I hope).

Gayle was also sweet and generous to her fans! She eagerly answered all the three questions that came from the selected fans.

One of the most memorable part of this event was that I met these lovely book-nerds, at the same time, I was able to bond with them for the next five hours. And you know what? The long hours of wait was totally worth it! Meeting these lovely people…. I can’t find the words to express how much grateful I am to meet them!~

(Me and Jayvee fooling around… <3)

And then the most awaited book signing around five in the afternoon, and being the 460th isn’t fun, well that is if you don’t have these awesome people around…

Soon, it was finally my turn to get my books signed by Gayle Forman.

Of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without taking a picture with her! <3


GAYLE: Hi! How are you?

ME: Hi! I’m so excited to see you!

GAYLE: I’m so glad to see you too! What’s your name?

ME: Alia.

GAYLE: Ah, so you’re Alia the Vampire Queen. What does that mean?

ME: *didn’t heard her clearly* Um, what?

GAYLE: What does that mean?

ME: *Can’t think of anything to say* I’m the baddest vampire of all.

GAYLE: *Says something about being awesome*

That le convo with Gayle I CAN’T EVEN!!! I almost cried right after getting my book signed by her. The feeling was surreal because I JUST FREAKING MET THE WOMAN WHO WROTE IF I STAY AND JUST ONE DAY. It was really a great opportunity to meet Gayle in flesh, as well as having a short convo with her. And to my new-found friends, I AM SO HAPPY TO MEET Y’ALL! <3

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