Oct 16, 2013

A few weeks have passed, and finally here's my first post

Hi-yah there!~ 

if you’re reading this, I supposed that you know me personally. Ha. Or maybe virtually (if you’re part of TMI PH that is). And if you stumbled upon this blog, well…. welcome to my world, where books are my yin fen.

I’ve been dying to start a book blog this year because I really love reading (and books). I just want to share my love for books and my thoughts about the books that I’ve read and will read to others, probably the kind who also loves to read. And fan-girling with co-bookworms  would be 1000x fun than fangirling by yourself (I’ve gone through this, and they probably thought that I’m going crazy). And I know that writing book reviews would help me remember the emotions that I’ve felt and the loss that I’ve gone through the books that I’ve read.

If you ever decided to follow me, thank you so much! I hope that you’ll accompany me on this trip filled with craziness!

Happy reading!~

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